Learning Advisor Program

The Learning Advisor is the most important pastoral and administrative contact in the College. The Learning Advisor will have contact with your son or daughter on a daily basis, their role in ensuring students well-being and learning cannot be overemphasised.


The Learning Advisor has a multi-focus role within the organisational structure of St. Peter’s College.

  • Pastoral Care
  • Discipline
  • Support of student learning
  • Administration
  • Providing an important link to many of the key support personnel at the school.

With any concerns you have in regard to your child, your childs Leaning Advisor will be able to direct you towards the most appropriate person or resource.

The House Leader and/or Learning Advisor is one of a number of people who can assist you in regard to communication with other Staff within the College.
The nature of your concern will determine who you end up speaking to, but the Learning Advisor is always a good first point of contact.