Student Learning Conferences

It is now the time for our Year 7 – 11 students to have the opportunity of meeting with parents and teachers to discuss their learning progress in the various subjects they are undertaking. 

Student Learning Conferences are for teachers to discuss with you and your child, your child’s progress in learning. Parent engagement is a significant factor in a child’s learning progress and consequently all parents/guardians are encouraged and welcome to meet with the teacher(s).

We continue to offer a blended approach to Student Learning Conferences by having time for Zoom interviews, as these are chosen by a significant number of parents and guardians. Please choose the date(s) you would like to meet with your child’s subject teacher according to whether you wish to meet in person or remotely. Conference bookings can be made via SPACE.

  • Onsite Face to Face – Tuesday, 29 August 2023, 2:30pm – 8:30pm 
  • Zoom – Thursday, 31 August 2023 between 4:00pm – 6:00pm 

All bookings close at 2.30 pm on Monday, 28 August 2023.