Transport Information

Clyde North Campus College Bus Service

For the past six years the College has been operating a bus service that encompasses two routes to get students to and from the College Clyde North Campus where public bus services do not operate.


The departure times will be advised once the number of services and stops have been confirmed.


In 2024, the bus service will be charged at an annual cost of $800 per student.

** Please note that the bus fee is non-refundable should you wish to cancel your seat on the bus service.

Code Of Conduct

All students using this service will be expected to sign a Code of Conduct.  Students breaching this code will be excluded from using the service for a period of time.  Serious breaches may result in permanent exclusion.


Where the service is oversubscribed, priority will be given to younger students.  Students who have caught the bus one year, are NOT automatically given a seat on the bus for the following year.


Students will be required to present their valid bus pass to the driver in order to gain entry on to the College bus.  If students do not present their bus pass, they will not be granted access to the bus for that day.

Please complete the Expression of Interest below and return to the College. Letters of Offer will be sent in the early December confirming routes, location of bus stops and times.

Formal notification of a place on the bus will occur to all families by the end of the year.

Travel Conveyance Allowance

Students and families may be eligible for financial support to assist with transport costs through the Department of Education and Training (Victoria) Conveyance Allowance Program. This is available to students of our Clyde North campus travelling by public transport, private car or the College’s private bus network.

To be eligible for the Conveyance Allowance, students must:

  • attend their nearest  appropriate non-government school/ campus for their year level at which admission is permissible;
  • be enrolled at a school or campus outside of Melbourne’s metropolitan conveyance boundary (meaning only the Clyde North campus for St Peter’s College);
  • reside 4.8km or more from that school or campus by the shortest practicable route; and
  • be of school age and reside in Victoria.

Further details of the DET Conveyance Allowance Policy and eligibility are available here.  

For successful applications, the College will allocate the full amount received per term against the family school fee account for students travelling by public transport or private car (unless an alternative arrangement is made with the College).

For students using the College’s private bus service, families are asked to authorise the College to retain the allowance on their behalf, allowing us to continue providing a low-cost subsidised private bus service to our Clyde North campus community. 

Annually, College Bus users will be contacted directly about completing the private bus travel form (subject to eligibility criteria). 

Conveyance Allowance claims for all other transport modes are at the discretion of each family to determine whether the application is suitable.  Please read the conveyance allowance policy and details in  the  forms below carefully before submitting a claim.

Bing maps will be used as the standard source for calculating distances for conveyance allowance.  Refer to  Please ensure you check the distance of the shortest practicable route on Bing before applying.

Please submit your claim for one of the above three travel modes to [email protected].

Term 2 2024 Conveyance Allowance claims close Friday, 31 May 2024