Student Accident Protection Plan

This information relates to an insurance plan the school has in place to provide financial benefits to students and their families in the event of accidental injury. The coverage is for any time the student is engaged in school or organised sporting activities, including travel to and from such activities.

Student Accident Protection Plan is an insurance arrangement that pays benefits for specific
scenarios and incidents that may occur, such as quadriplegia and broken bones. It also offers additional benefits such as:

● Covering a child’s tuition for four terms in the event of their parent or guardian’s accidental death
● Financial support for tutoring, should a student be absent from school for a prolonged period
● Providing clothing, hospitalisation and other out-of-pocket expenses that relate to an accident

The below documents outlines the benefits paid as a result of accidents, explains how to make a claim should your child be injured and describes potential additional benefits — as well as what is not covered.