Marian House

“Strongest of Heart and Mind”


Marian House in named for Mary Mother of God.

Mary the Mother of God, Mother of the Church

Mary of Nazareth, as shown in the gospels, inspires us to listen and respond to God’s call with whole-hearted generosity and courage. Mary is presented as the true, first disciple who does the will of God. Her “yes” to God’s request leads to Jesus’ presence among us. In Mary, Luke the evangelist emphasises God’s preference for the poor and the little ones, Luke 1:39-56 The Magnificat, the Prayer of the Poor.

Symbol & Colour

Stars that symbolise the star of  Bethlehem that led the wise men to the manger on the night of Christ’s birth;
St Peter’s keys (incorporating part of the already existing St Peter’s College Crest);
Mary holding baby Jesus – symbolises the love, care and courage she displayed as a mother;
The Dove – a symbol of peace;
Rosary Beads – a series of prayers in honour of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Marian House Prayer

Mary you are for us a model of faithful discipleship. We

pray that our lives may be lived as generously as yours in

the service of God. As you said “yes” to God , you said

“My soul glorifies the Lord.” May we give glory in our words and in our actions.



“Strongest of heart and mind”

This motto demonstrated the innate qualities of Mary’s strength to say “Yes” when asked to be the mother of Jesus and her never ending love and faith in God