MacKillop House

“Lead with courage and compassion”


MacKillop House is named for Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop (1842-1909)

Mary MacKillop was a young woman with a dream to make a difference in our world. Her dream encompassed opening simple schools where there was no class distinction, offering refuge to the most neglected, and bringing practical help to families.  She embodies all that is best in our Australian nation and its people. Her spirit and values continue to inspire young people today to make a difference in these times. Even at the time of her death those who knew her, or knew of her extraordinary work, spoke openly of her holiness.

Symbol & Colour

Cross – symbolises Christianity;
The colour brown represents the “brown Joeys” – the sisters of St. Joseph;
Southern Cross – represents that St. Mary of the Cross is the first Australian saint and therefore someone we as Australians can all easily identify with;
Josephite emblem – represents the Sisters of St. Joseph women we look up to in our daily actions.

MacKillop House Prayer

Saint Mary of The Cross, we pray to you as a Saint of our land who lived and worked in our towns and cities.

You were committed to the poor who lacked so much, you gave them dignity, you educated them and you did this to glorify God.

May we always look to you as a guide to a life of faith and service.



“Lead with courage and compassion”

This motto epitomises everything about St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop.
We are called to follow the footsteps of Mary and create our own destiny being true to all that we believe in.
This motto encourages us to take chances when we feel weak in spirit and remember to be aware of those in need. It inspires us to be leaders in all we do.