Glowrey House

“With Faith, all things are possible”


Glowrey House was named after Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Glowrey.

Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Glowrey (1887-1957)

Mary Glowrey was born in 1887 at Birregurra in Victoria and graduated in 1910 with a Bachelor of

Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. After completing her residency in New Zealand, she returned to

build her own successful private practice in Melbourne.

God’s call, a chance reading in 1915 of a pamphlet about the appalling death rate amongst babies in

India fundamentally changed the direction of her life. Falling to her knees, Mary finished reading the

pamphlet and knew God was calling her to help the women and children of India.

In January 1920, Mary sailed for India to become a medical missionary with the Congregation of the Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Guntur. Mary was said to radiate Christ by word and example. It was announced in 2010 that Mary’s cause for canonisation was underway. In 2013 she has been recognised by the Church as a Servant of God.

Symbol & Colour

The Glowrey House symbol has 3 separate elements;

The Cross – symbolising Mary Glowrey’s devotion to Christ, and also the link with the St Peter’s College community;

The Ribbon entwining the cross – symbolising the Rod of Asclepius, the symbol for medicine (Mary Glowrey was a doctor of medicine). We have replaced the snake with a ribbon that is continuous around the design, representing unity;

The Shield – symbolising the strength, will and passion that Mary Glowrey had in helping those less fortunate;

The Glowrey title is above the shield, with wings, representing hope.

Glowrey House Prayer

Sister Mary, you are model for us as we try to follow what God asks of us.

You were known as a gentle healer who had a deep love for those in need.

We pray that the Lord will open our eyes and our hearts to those around us who need our love and service.



“With Faith, all things are possible”

We believe this to reflect this belief of Mary Glowrey, that believing in Christ and in yourself, faith will open up many possibilities to you. It is also reflective of her life, the many obstacles she had to overcome, and her strong faith.