School Production

College Production - Legally Blonde

St Peter’s College presents Legally Blonde The Musical

17 – 19 August 2023 | 7:30 – 10PM

St Peter’s College is delighted to present its 2023 production of Legally Blonde The Musical, based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture.

Delta Nu sorority president Elle Woods seems to have it all: good looks, a relationship with the ‘campus catch’, and great taste in clothes. However, her life is turned upside-down when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her in an attempt to start getting “serious” about his future and attend Harvard Law School.

Determined to win him back, Elle charms the Harvard Professors with her persuasive ‘personal essay’ and is admitted into the prestigious law school. Once there, she is challenged by her peers, professors and her ex.

With the help of some new friends and her own ‘Greek chorus’, Elle realises her full potential and sets out to prove to the world the importance of pursuing one’s own dreams and defying the stereotypes that often hold us back.

Legally Blonde The Musical is an uplifting production that demonstrates the importance of friendship, of standing up for what is right and pursuing one’s dreams no matter the obstacles.

Running time is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes (including a 15 minute interval).

Location: St Peter’s Performing Arts Centre (The Geode Theatre)
55 MacKillop Way,
Clyde North VIC 3978

Show Time: 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Dates: 17 – 19 August 2023

Performing Arts

SIS Performance

All schools are invited to participate in an evening performance where other SIS Principals, families and the wider community are invited to attend at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong.

Students selected from each school will combine for just three rehearsals, before they perform together.

An example of the program would be:- Concert Band, Choir, String Ensemble, Stage Band Ensemble and Dance performances including Contemporary, Hip Hop and Jazz/Tap.

Each member school is also invited to participate with an individual school performance. For example:- String Ensemble, Rock or Stage Band, Jazz Ensemble.

SIS Drama & TheatreSports

Improvisation is fun! It’s about freeing one’s creative spirit in a positive and safe environment. During the Drama Workshop Day, participants include anyone who’d like to do something creative, improve their communication skills, develop their storytelling skills or just have a great time. The instructors are trained improvisation performers who have been performing and teaching nationally and internationally for many years.

Improvisation is based on the following principles: acceptance, being positive, being in the moment, making your partner look good, embracing and removing fear, enjoying failure and storytelling. The classes are designed to work on these principles through a series of exercises and games in a fun and supportive environment. Regardless of experience, background or training, everybody can benefit from improvisation.

Improvisation is an old art form going back to the 16th century with the Commedia dell’Arte (Italian, meaning “comedy of professional artists”). The Commedia dell’Arte where travelling performers who would set up an outdoor stage and improvise stories based around a repertoire of stock situations and established characters.

Today, improvisation is widely used in theatre as an actor’s training tool, a rehearsal technique, an exploration tool for writers, a theatrical performance style, a musical style and a dance form. It is performed internationally in hundreds of forms.

Music at St. Peter’s College

St. Peter’s College Music enriches each student’s cultural development through the development of creativity and innovation through music. The creation of performance, understanding and development of creativity is fostered through the discipline and art of music. This process stimulates personal, intellectual and social growth and has a positive, life-long influence. Students are given the opportunity to explore their talents through many and varied performances throughout the year.

Our VET Music Program includes both the Performance and Sound Production streams across three year levels, while our Choral Program develops the whole student through various ensembles throughout the students schooling at St. Peter’s. Music Ministry is another program which runs alongside Religious Education in Years 10-12. This program prepares students for musical performance and exploration through the study of liturgical singing and Catholic teachings. The Music Ministry classes perform for our College Masses throughout the year.

With the construction of new state of the art facilities, a growing instrumental program, biannual College Musical Production, five different choirs and numerous other ensembles, music and the greater Performing Arts is a place where your child can discover their talents and express themselves in a safe and friendly environment.