Assessment and Reporting

The timely provision of online feedback offers an opportunity for parents to engage in discussions with students about their learning outcomes and for students to reflect on their learning to enhance their future assessments.

All students studying subjects on the Senior Blocks:

  • Please find below the VCE and VET Information
  • Plan your study and stay on top of your formal assessment schedule
  • Consult with your class teacher to determine the exact week your formal assessment will be scheduled
  • Consider using a digital calendar to help organise yourself and stay informed about all the relevant assessment times for your Senior Subjects
  • Year 11 VCE students will have examinations during the June and November Assessment Periods Year 12 VCE students will have practice exams in the second last week of Term 3, followed by VCAA examinations in late October and November
  • All students studying a Unit 3/4 VCE subject will be required to attend the GAT in June
  • VCE-VM students are not exempt from the GAT and will be required to attend

If you have any queries about assessments, please consult your Learning Advisor or the Curriculum Leader at your Campus:

Carolyn Ellul – Senior Years Curriculum Leader (Clyde North Campus)

Mary Armstrong – Senior Years Curriculum Leader (CRanbourne Campus)


There are four formal reporting times in the year:

  1. Interim Report – End of Term 1
  2. Semester Report – End of Term 2
  3. Interim Report – During Term 3
  4. Semester Report – End of Term 4

Interim (Mid-Semester) Reports

Teaching staff are required to complete an Interim Report mid-semester in both Semester 1 and 2, indicating student work habits and application to learning. These Interim Reports are available online via our Parent Portal. They do not contain written comments but provide a snapshot of current student progress.

Education at St. Peter’s College is a partnership with parents, so parents are encouraged to attend Student Learning Conferences with their children after receiving Interim Reports to discuss progress with teachers.

Student Learning Conferences provide an essential opportunity to address learning aspects that need attention, helping students reach their potential. Year 12 Student Learning Conferences are held around Week 3 of Term 3, while Years 7-11 have them in Term 3, Week 8. Parents and students can attend in person or via Zoom interviews.

Students are welcome to schedule interviews with their Subject Teachers to receive feedback on their progress and gain advice on how to further their learning outcomes during the second half of the Semester.

Semester Reports

Tutor Group Reports

Tutor Group Reports are composed by each Learning Advisor and offer parents insights into a student’s overall development and participation in the College life. These reports highlight aspects of a student’s learning outside of the academic classroom, aligning with the College’s commitment to holistic development.

St. Peter’s College employs Formative and Summative Criterion-Referenced Frameworks (CRFs) to monitor student progress and identify areas for academic improvement. These CRFs are either posted on SPACE or generated within the classroom. Ongoing feedback, provided both online and in-person, enables students and parents to discuss learning outcomes and empowers students to reflect on their learning to enhance future assessments, well before Summative Assessments are completed. Each visible CRF includes at least two specific comments related to the task: one reflecting areas of achievement and the other suggesting areas for improvement. If effort has influenced achievement, teaching staff will make note of it. Late submissions are also noted.

It is expected that at least one assessment is completed and visibility is set to Staff, Students, and Parents before Student Learning Conferences. Student Learning Conferences are conducted twice a year, and all parents and students are expected to attend.

End-of-semester reporting via SPACE occurs at the end of each Semester and provides a summary report. Teaching staff enter the overall level of achievement for each student based on the Victorian Curriculum Achievement standards (formerly known as VELs). These reports also contain Tutor Group Reports with attendance information and pastoral comments.